Church Team Coaching

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Coaching to your big vision

When you start leading your church your vision is clear, your team is aligned, and you were energized for action.  You charged forward, made an impact, and started to see lives changed and transformed.  It’s what you live for.   


Coaching your team to gain alignment

And then it happens.  Time goes by, team members turn over, vision gets fuzzy and everyone is surviving from Sunday to Sunday.  Leadership meetings grow stale, you go down rabbit trails, and the burdens of ministry become heavy.  The future of your church seems uncertain. 


We want your church to win

Loving Utah will come along side your team and provide coaching that will refresh, align and move them to action.  Your coach will help you discover how to be a better coach for your leaders, and rediscover the energy, purpose and passion to make a greater Kingdom impact. 

Loving Utah promises to provide the highest level of local  coaches who will help your team discover God’s purpose for your church, and create a plan of action to get you there.  

You can start with a free workshop where your elders, staff and ministry leaders will be taken through a guided conversation, based around the great commission, that will lead them to taking action that will make a greater kingdom impact in your church and community.   

Then discover the power of impact that a year of coaching could provide.  

You don’t have to feel like it’s too hard, like you’re in it alone, or that you don’t have what it takes to score the next goal.  Even highly trained elite athletes have coaches cheering them on and helping them win.  Why not you and your team?

Our coaches love the local church and want your church to win.  They are Kingdom minded people who help you align your team around a vision and mission that is clear and attainable.